Q&A with running creek ranch owner

🌻 January Sunday Cowgirl – Tracey Barkle from Running Creek Ranch. Every month I am going to feature a cowgirl who inspires me! Women who support women, stronger together.

Q: Tell us about you, what business do you run and how long have been doing it for?

Two years ago I took some time out of my design work and began learning to sketch and paint. I’m now creating art, styling interiors and collaborating. By incorporating my love of design, drawing, horses, and people; my business @runningcreekranch was born. Right now I’m over on Instagram, where I show my artwork, studio and connect with folks for commissioned pieces. I have an Etsy store where I sell some original art and prints.

I’m excited to be launching my website soon! A space where I hope to inspire and connect. Show my styling, design, and artwork, plus an easy spot to purchase pieces from me.

Most days I’m in my studio, on our Sunshine Coast property. Other than that; I’m out in the paddocks with my horses and dogs, or playing around at Vaquero style horsemanship, learning and traveling.

Q: So Tracey how did we meet?

Through horses! We met at a horsemanship clinic at Condamine, a decade ago, and then continued to cross paths. It was inevitable we would become great friends.

Q: What attracted to you Sunday Cowgirl?

We’d been friends before Sunday Cowgirl was created, so it was a given I was going to be attracted to her, cause she is you! That aside, I love the products and how they fit my lifestyle.
They are functional AND beautiful. That’s super important to me, as I would prefer to own and use 1 great item that I adore rather than a few average things.

Q: How do we work together Sunday Cowgirl?

My background has been in Interior Design. So when we chatted about your products and designs, I offered to help draw and detail them, ready for manufacture.
It’s been so great to see your ranges growing and also being fine-tuned. I really enjoy being able to play a small part in the life of Sunday Cowgirl.

Q: Can you give our readers some advice on starting a business or collaborating with others?

One of my biggest lessons in business has been…… It’s one step at a time

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